Startup Runway

TRY IT –> Description: Startup Runway is an expenditure optimization tool for startup teams to visualize how much longer they have till they run out of money based on current/future spendings, but also experiment with different expenditure scenarios to see which one works best. Purpose: Make smarter decisions by paying attention to burn rate so you … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Slack provides a communication workspace for your startup team to create chats organized around specific topics for example “marketing”, “web development”, or “sales” in order to keep conversations structured. Purpose: Fight the biggest problem with Facebook or Whatsapp for team communication which is reading +50 messages to catch up with long … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Angellist is a popular network to find startup job seekers such as software developers and designers. Just create your startup’s profile, post a job with its salary and equity range up front, and start meeting potential candidates. Purpose: Take part in the largest startup network of candidates interested in working for a startup. … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Asana is a project management tool designed to help teams assign work and keep track of their project’s development. Features include a shared calendar, a board to post and assign tasks, and a personal to-do list for each team member. Purpose: Speed and attention to detail matter to build a successful … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Jira is a software management platform designed to help software teams assign work and track issues in their software. Some of the features include a to-do list board, a code repository, a tracking board for issues and bugs, and a history of all your software’s version releases. Purpose: Great for software teams working on large-scale … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Shake provides startup legal contracts which can be signed digitally by email. The most popular contract is The Founders Accord which lets up to 3 co-founders split equity with each other and legally promise not to use the startup’s IP elsewhere. Purpose: Prevent future disputes with co-founders by splitting ownership as soon as possible. Add conditions that allow co-founders to only gain equity … [Read more…]