TRY IT –>  https://www.waveapps.com/ Description: Wave is an accounting software that lets businesses create invoices (payment requests) to send to their clients and get paid via credit card or a bank deposit through email. Wave also connects to your startup’s bank account to help with tracking income and expenses. Purpose: Sell services smarter especially if your startup sells to businesses. For example, if you … [Read more…]


TRY IT –>  https://mailtracker.hunter.io/ Description: MailTracker alerts you when a client opens his email. It works as a Gmail integration with the option to track an email as you compose one. To see who opened your email, log in to MailTracker’s website, or check in Gmail’s “sent” section. Purpose: Effective when emailing customers, clients, or asking journalists for press coverage. Knowing that someone has read your email … [Read more…]

Clearbit Connect

TRY IT –>  https://connect.clearbit.com/ Description: Clearbit Connect is a Gmail integration that finds anyone’s email just by searching their name or company. It works well if the person is at an executive level at a company or startup. Purpose: Get emails quickly without having to search through company websites’ only to discover the sales team’s email and not … [Read more…]


TRY IT –>  https://www.crystalknows.com/ Description: Crystal is a Gmail integration that analyzes the personality of a client and suggests how to email them. It uses their Linkedin profile to generate a whole description of their personality and works alongside you as you are composing an email giving suggestions e.g., be direct, be friendly. Purpose: Be confident … [Read more…]


TRY IT –>  https://www.tawk.to/ Description: Tawk.to is a messaging app for chatting with website visitors. Setup only requires creating an account and adding a code snippet to your website which creates the chat box. Chat with visitors online, through a mobile app, or hire sales agents for a $1 an hour. Purpose: Convert visitors to customers by … [Read more…]

Hubspot Sales

TRY IT –>  https://www.hubspot.com/products/sales Description: Hubspot Sales is an all-in-one sales tool for tracking & scheduling emails, managing a contact book, and creating automated follow-up emails when a client doesn’t respond. It works as a Gmail integration for tracking emails and as a website for managing contacts/companies. Purpose: Best for busy startups working with multiple clients/companies/investors. … [Read more…]