Uber Suggest

TRY IT –>  https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/ Description: Uber Suggest lets you discover effective keywords based on their popularity and rankings on Google. Just enter a keyword or phrase to get an overview of its volume, price advertisers are willing to pay for its search ads, and overviews of alternative keywords. Purpose: Optimize product communication by choosing the … [Read more…]

One Signal

TRY IT –>  https://onesignal.com/ Description: One Signal enables sending push notifications to your website’s visitors through their web browser. Just integrate a notification icon on your website for users to subscribe to and whenever you send an alert, they will see a notification at the bottom right of their browser’s screen. Purpose: Retain website visitors by … [Read more…]

Keyword Planner

TRY IT –>  https://adwords.google.com/home/tools/keyword-planner/ Description: Google Keyword Planner lets you compare similar keywords and phrases to see which ones are popularly searched on Google and have the most competition in search advertisements. Purpose: Get more traffic to your website by adding popular keywords and phrases to its description or header. For example, MarketString’s title used to say … [Read more…]


TRY IT –>  https://getsitecontrol.com/ Description: GetSiteControl lets you integrate social widgets onto your websites such as social media buttons, share buttons, and popups that get users to subscribe to your newsletter. Just add the javascript snippet and see click statistics on GetSiteControl’s dashboard. Purpose: Encourage referrals by getting users to promote your startup instantly via social media … [Read more…]


TRY IT –>  https://likealyzer.com/ Description: Likealyzer recommends how to improve your startup’s Facebook page such as by measuring your follower engagement level and providing advice on how to better represent your homepage and communicate in your posts effectively. Purpose: Increase your brand image amongst followers and potential customers visiting your Facebook page by polishing it. For … [Read more…]

Good Email Copy

TRY IT –>  https://www.goodemailcopy.com/ Description: Good Email Copy is a curation of great emails which shows how popular startups like Pinterest and Slack email their users in various situations. Some of these situations include welcoming new users, confirming emails, and asking for product feedback. Purpose: Get users captivated with emails by copying techniques that top startups … [Read more…]


TRY IT –>  https://mailchimp.com/ Description: MailChimp lets you create professionally designed emails to automatically send to subscribers on your email list. Once you collect emails from people who want updates or discounts on your website/app, reach out to them using Mailchimp’s drag-and-drop email templates. Purpose: Build closer relationships with users without the time-consuming process of sending … [Read more…]


TRY IT –>  https://buffer.com/ Description: Buffer lets you manage social media accounts in 1 website such as being able to schedule a new post simultaneously on both your Startup’s Facebook and Twitter page at the same time without having to log into each account individually. Purpose: Get your social media work done faster and build consistency amongst your social … [Read more…]