Rescue Time

TRY IT –> Description: Rescue Time tracks your computer time and gives a detailed report on how much time you are spending on websites and applications to give an accurate representation of your day. It works as a software that runs on your computer. Purpose: Fight distractions by getting a full picture of your time-wasters. … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Pocket is a browser extension that lets you bookmark websites and organize them with tags. Download the extension, start bookmarking useful websites with labels (e.g., Python tutorials), and visit Pocket’s website to see your bookmarks laid out. Purpose: Organize bookmarks effectively so you can easily refer back to them anytime unlike … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Station lets you access all your web apps in one place such as Gmail, Slack, Google Analytics, and other web-based tools. Just download the Station software, set up your accounts, and quickly access your frequently-used websites through Station’s desktop software. Purpose: Don’t waste time logging-in to use your startup tools; with Station, everything is … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Meetup is a event discovery platform for finding local, community-based events nearby on a variety of topics that may interest you or relate to your startup such as technology, A.I., or healthcare. Purpose: Build connections with potential customers, mentors, and co-founders by showing off your startup in relevant events. For example, … [Read more…]

Cold Turkey

TRY IT –> Description: Cold Turkey lets you temporarily block out websites to supercharge your focus.  It works as a browser extension/desktop app where you make a list of websites that distract you and set a timer for a few hours/days when you want to block your access. Purpose: Grind out your product and progress … [Read more…]

Any Alias

TRY IT –> Description: Any Alias provides a disposable email address for you to use when signing up on websites to protect your real email from spam and inbox cluttering. It takes your actual email address and links it to a fake email address which can be deleted at any time. Purpose: Fight email … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Todoist is a to-do list app that gives you control over your time management.  Easily list out the tasks that need to be done, so that you remember to complete them. Some features include specifying the deadline for a task such as its time or date and syncing the app with your … [Read more…]