Material Colors

TRY IT –> Description: Material Colors lets you pick colors quickly from a large color palette that covers all the major colors and their shades, so you do not need to spend minutes to hours trying to arbitrarily find the right colors for your designs. Purpose: Save time off of design by never having … [Read more…]

Logo Maker

TRY IT –> Description: Logo Maker lets you make your startup’s logo in 5 minutes. Just add your startup’s name, an icon from Logo Maker’s database such as a rocket-ship or a square, customize the color and then download. Purpose: Establish a unique, memorable identity with a powerful logo. On your startup’s Facebook page, you can … [Read more…]


GET NOW –> Description: Befunky is a quick, over-the-web photo editor. Simply upload an image and use Befunky’s photo-editing features such as cropping, blurring, and adding textures to an image. Next, you can download the image to your computer or email it to your team. Purpose: Edit photos with speed and zero commitment with no … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Flaticon is a large database of well-designed icons to choose from and add to your website or app. Whether it be an icon of a light bulb, a person, or a robot, Flaticon has it. Most icons are free but require giving credit to the designers. Purpose: Using the right icons … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Marvel is a quick, interactive prototyping tool for designing a website or an app. First drag-and-drop images, texts, and pre-built elements like buttons onto blank canvases. Next, connect each page with actions such as clicking/hovering over specified parts and then share your prototype. Purpose: Save time and guarantee success. Simulate how your … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Canva is a drag-and-drop editor for social media images. You first pick a template which are shaped like digital greeting cards and then change the text, add icons, or add photos to suit your needs. Share the image directly to Facebook or Twitter. Purpose: Get people’s attention by conveying messages … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Figma lets you design any graphic from scratch whether it be an icon, illustration, or even a prototype of your website. It also works well with teams when collaborating on the same project. Due note using Figma may take some time to get familiar with. Purpose: Create graphics from the ground … [Read more…]