TRY IT –> Description: BetaPage is a startup/product sharing community composed of early adopters. Choose whether you want to submit your startup or have your product featured on the website to be discussed in BetaPage’s 40,000+ subscriber newsletter. Purpose: Generate interest for your startup or directly get early adopters to start using your product. Become discoverable on … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: BetaList is a startup-sharing-community of startup enthusiasts. Submit your startup here to get displayed on their homepage, get feedback from users, and even get featured in their newsletter. Purpose: Share a fully built product or just your startup idea with a basic landing page to build interest such as email … [Read more…]

App Rater

TRY IT –> Description: AppRater is an inclusive app directory where people submit their Android & iOS apps every day to be featured on the site. It has a small community of 800 email subscribers who’ll give feedback on your product. Purpose: Shine out amongst a small yet engaged community and gain early user traction … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Slack provides a communication workspace for your startup team to create chats organized around specific topics for example “marketing”, “web development”, or “sales” in order to keep conversations structured. Purpose: Fight the biggest problem with Facebook or Whatsapp for team communication which is reading +50 messages to catch up with long … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Pocket is a browser extension that lets you bookmark websites and organize them with tags. Download the extension, start bookmarking useful websites with labels (e.g., Python tutorials), and visit Pocket’s website to see your bookmarks laid out. Purpose: Organize bookmarks effectively so you can easily refer back to them anytime unlike … [Read more…]

Keyword Planner

TRY IT –> Description: Google Keyword Planner lets you compare similar keywords and phrases to see which ones are popularly searched on Google and have the most competition in search advertisements. Purpose: Get more traffic to your website by adding popular keywords and phrases to its description or header. For example, MarketString’s title used to say … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: GetSiteControl lets you integrate social widgets onto your websites such as social media buttons, share buttons, and popups that get users to subscribe to your newsletter. Just add the javascript snippet and see click statistics on GetSiteControl’s dashboard. Purpose: Encourage referrals by getting users to promote your startup instantly via social media … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Likealyzer recommends how to improve your startup’s Facebook page such as by measuring your follower engagement level and providing advice on how to better represent your homepage and communicate in your posts effectively. Purpose: Increase your brand image amongst followers and potential customers visiting your Facebook page by polishing it. For … [Read more…]


TRY IT –> Description: Station lets you access all your web apps in one place such as Gmail, Slack, Google Analytics, and other web-based tools. Just download the Station software, set up your accounts, and quickly access your frequently-used websites through Station’s desktop software. Purpose: Don’t waste time logging-in to use your startup tools; with Station, everything is … [Read more…]

Google Alerts

TRY IT –> Description: Google Alerts lets you get mention alerts via email when a keyword/phrase is mentioned online; this could be your startup’s name, your website’s URL,  your competitor, or the problem you are solving e.g., “ride-sharing service”. Purpose: Measure your startup’s marketing efforts by seeing if blogs and news sites are mentioning you … [Read more…]